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Friday, 15 April 2011

The most unique place Kim Kardashian has gotten laser hair removal...

Coming from Armenian descent, all of the Kardashian offspring have beautiful and thick, glossy dark hair. While the hair growing from the top of their heads is definitely envy worthy, the hair they have growing else-where is apparently less desirable... 

As featured on their reality show, and often discussed, all Kardashian sisters adamantly favor permanent laser hair removal. Utilizing laser hair removal for treatments "head-to-toe," Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney have had the usual spots taken care of: legs, armpits, bikini, face. 

Kimberly, however, took laser hair removal a step further. "I used to have the hairiest forehead," she recently revealed to InStyle magazine. "All of my baby bangs would get Photoshopped out of magazine pictures, and I liked the way that looked, so I lasered them off. It really opened up my face so much." 

While obviously beautiful, her baby bangs almost make her seem more real? In order for to have felt compelled to have something like baby bangs permanently removed, the pressure she must constantly feel to look beyond perfect, 24/7, has to be incredible.What do you think?

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