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Thursday, 14 April 2011

I feel Good~~~~~~ From my Hair to my Toe

Today, I am feeling so great. I went to the gym the first in a long long long time. Also, this is the 4th day since I took down my wraps and my hair is still holding the curls.
I'm surprised that I still have curls and very tight ones too. Thanks to Mango and Lime Cactus oil, No more itch gro Spray and Locking Gel, I have great curls for days.
Summer is coming and I have been getting requests to do videos and or posts on eating healthy and exercise routines. Your wish have been granted and I will be dedicating one day out of the week on my blog for that so look out.
I must say that eating healthy and exercising will lead to healthier hair and skin. It's  not that difficult, all it takes is a little focus and time.
The key is to have fun and it will be easier for you to do.
Hope this great energy was passed on to you and you will be motivated to make the start.
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