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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The hairstyle that looks good on everyone? (Virtually try it out yourself!)

It is extremely interesting to me (and perhaps me alone?) that despite our focus on skin care-- it is the blog posts about hair (namely how to grow hair faster, and glitter extensions) that seem to be the most popular.  Although people are definitely interested in celebrity skin and anti-aging tips and secrets, it seems that skin interest doesn't hold a candle to the over-whelming display of celebrity hair interest. 
While it is hard to rationalize why this might be (perhaps "tinsel hair" is just having a moment...) but far be it from me to not give the people what they want. 
InStyle Magazine, the utmost experts at informing people about what they want before they even know they want it, has an awesome tool on their website that allows you to upload a picture of yourself in order to test-drive the hairstyle of your favorite celebrities. 
Want to see what you would look like with Katie Holme's Suri-esque bob, or Ashley Olsen's bleach-blonde fringe? Or, perhaps you want to see what Jennifer Aniston's perfectly-perfect hair would look like on you? With the click of a button, your curiosity can be sated.
Recently declared THE haircut that flatters everyone, Jessica Alba's collar length bob is supposed to cover all of the major hair concerns. Long enough to pull back, but short enough to get rid of any damaged ends, this length elongates the neck while slimming the face. The creator of this haircut, hair sensei Fredeic Fekkai, explains another major selling factor to this hair-style: the ease with which it can be styled! He claims it takes about 5 minutes, however for those with thick, curly hair, this would be a very time consuming (possibly impossible) look to replicate. 
Curious about what you might look like with this haircut? Just go here and upload a picture of yourself. If Jessica Alba's particular haircut doesn't do it for you-- there are ample other choices to try out. When you find the one you love, print it out and bring it with you to your next hairdresser appointment. Having a concrete image of what you are looking for will make both your stylist's job easier, and improve the chances of you ending up in love with your final result. 
After playing around on the site, which haircut do you think looks best on you? (Glitter extensions, perhaps?)

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